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We work with martial arts businesses in Canada & around the world to deliver relevant content to potential customers. Get in touch for marketing services & designs.


Our Digital Media Services

Need a Logo, Branding Guidelines, a flyer or other creatives put together? We’ve got you covered.

Media Services

Need a Website?

We have taken martial arts websites in Canada from inception to completion. Modern designs – SEO for Google ranking – Optimised for conversions – Fast page speed.

Web Design

Which Martial Arts do we work with?

We specialise in Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Traditional Martial Arts, BJJ & more.

Combat Sports

Who Do We Provide Martial Arts Marketing Services To?

We work with all kinds of businesses in the combat sports & fitness industries in Canada. Here are few examples of who we typically offerdigital media services to:

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  • Social media advertising
  • Digital designs
  • Video advertising production
  • Web designs
  • Local SEO
Martial arts ring fight marketing digital media
  • Social media event ads
  • Video production
  • Flyer designs
  • Event filming
  • Web designs
  • Google Ads
brand 1
  • Content writing
  • Infographics
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Web design
wrapping hands for muay thai
  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • Link-building
  • Web development
  • Technical SEO

What martial arts marketing services do we provide in Canada ?

Website design & development

Social media advertising & account amanagement

Digital media designs

Blog & content writing

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Rank 1st on Google

Own a gym, brand, promotion or other martial arts business?
Drive relevant traffic to you store with our affordable SEO Services for relevant words that your target audience are using.



Need help managing your account? Want a highly optimised local campaign running to drive new students to your gym or store?
Avoid the headache and let us handle that! It’s what we do!

Social Media


Want to run social media or Google ads for your products?
We’ll get you set up with a highly optimised campaign. We’ll also give you a regular report on performance & improvements.


Web design for Martial Arts Businesses in Canada

Elevate your digital presence and expand your reach with our specialized martial arts website optimization services in Canada, catering to gyms, brands, journals, and promotions. Our dedicated team is committed to crafting a dynamic and high-performing website tailored specifically to the unique needs of your martial arts studio. Here’s what our comprehensive optimization and conversion strategies offer:

Streamlined Navigation

Embark on an intuitive menu design facilitating easy navigation through diverse disciplines, spanning sports, Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, BJJ, and traditional martial arts.

Compelling Content

Engage your audience with visually striking content and concise taglines strategically positioned on the homepage. Showcase the entire spectrum of your offerings to capture the attention of potential students.

Dedicated Discipline Pages

Each discipline receives its own dedicated page, meticulously designed to provide comprehensive class information and instructor profiles. This ensures visitors gain a thorough understanding of your studio’s offerings.

SEO Excellence

Optimize your online visibility with our meticulous SEO strategies. From in-depth keyword research to meta tag optimization and a focus on local SEO, we’ll enhance your website’s ranking on search engines, emphasizing your presence in Canada’s martial arts community.

Conversion-Focused Design

Guide visitors seamlessly through their website journey with strategically placed calls-to-action (CTAs). Whether it’s encouraging sign-ups for trial classes or facilitating direct contact with your studio, our design is geared towards driving conversions.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Build trust and credibility by prominently showcasing positive feedback from your students. Highlight success stories that mirror the impact of your martial arts classes, establishing your studio as a reputable and trustworthy choice.

Invest in a marketing-optimized website, meticulously designed to elevate your martial arts studio’s online presence in Canada. With our emphasis on clear navigation, engaging content, SEO excellence, conversion-driven design, and the incorporation of testimonials and success stories, your website will become a potent tool for attracting and retaining students. Experience the transformation in Canada’s martial arts community with our tailored optimization services.

Which combat sports do we work with?













How do I sign up for Martial Arts Marketing services in Canada?

Complete the short form below to let us know a little more about you & your business & we’ll get back to you with a quote or proposal. If you would like a free SEO analytics report for your website just let me know in the ask us section.

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Tips to improve your marketing content

Social Media Marketing in Canada

Entrepreneurs in the martial arts industry can significantly boost their social media presence to effectively attract more clients and drive sales by incorporating the following strategies:

Compelling Content

Share visually captivating and high-quality content that showcases various facets of martial arts. From dynamic training sessions to inspiring success stories and informative technique demonstrations, engaging posts can captivate your audience.

Encourage interaction through polls, contests, and thought-provoking questions to foster a sense of community and involvement.

Consistent Posting Routine

Establish and adhere to a consistent posting schedule to ensure your martial arts business remains visible and relevant.

Regular posts not only keep your audience informed but also contribute to building trust. Consistency reinforces your brand’s presence, making it a constant in the minds of your followers. This approach is particularly effective for engaging the martial arts community in Canada.

Targeted Advertising Excellence

Harness the power of targeted advertising, especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to connect with specific demographics interested in martial arts.

Tailor your advertisements to showcase the unique aspects of your business and highlight promotions that resonate with potential clients. By customizing your ads, you can effectively attract individuals in Canada who are actively seeking martial arts experiences and training opportunities.

Elevate your martial arts business’s social media strategy by integrating these proven techniques.

With compelling content, a consistent posting schedule, and targeted advertising tailored to the interests of potential clients in Canada, you can effectively grow your online presence and drive meaningful engagement that translates into increased clients and sales.

Website Marketing in Canada

Client testimonials and success stories play a pivotal role in establishing credibility for your martial arts business. Genuine reviews and stories from satisfied clients can serve as powerful endorsements, inspiring others to join your programs and experience the benefits firsthand.

Offering educational content is another impactful strategy. Share valuable and informative posts covering topics related to martial arts, fitness, and overall wellness. By positioning your business as an authority in these areas, you attract individuals seeking knowledge and expertise, further solidifying your reputation.

For increased engagement and conversions, leverage promotions and exclusive offers tailored specifically for your social media followers. Creating limited-time incentives encourages potential clients to take action, fostering a sense of urgency that can positively impact both engagement levels and conversion rates.

Branding & Imaging – Build Trust Through Marketing Your Voice

Build a sense of community among your followers by establishing groups or forums where they can connect, interact, and share their martial arts experiences. The creation of a supportive community not only enhances client retention but also acts as a magnet for new members seeking a welcoming environment.

Utilize live streaming to conduct virtual classes or provide exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses of your martial arts school. This real-time connection with your audience adds dynamism to your content and strengthens the bond with your community.

Forge collaborations and partnerships, extending your reach by teaming up with influencers or businesses in the fitness and wellness industry for cross-promotions. These partnerships introduce your martial arts business to fresh audiences and create synergies that benefit all involved.

Ensure your social media pages feature clear and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs). These guide visitors on the necessary next steps, whether it’s signing up for a trial class, making a purchase, or reaching out to your business. By incorporating effective CTAs, you streamline the user journey and maximize the impact of your social media presence.

By implementing these strategies, you can create a vibrant and effective social media presence for your specific combat sport that not only attracts new clients but also fosters a loyal community around their brand. Make yourself a source of knowledge and gain trust.

Compelling Martial Arts Marketing Copy & Content

The content you produce serves as the crucial link between your martial arts business and its audience. The initial step in crafting resonant content is a deep understanding and segmentation of your client base. This section emphasizes the importance of delivering value to your clients and tailoring content to address their specific concerns.

Explore practical examples, such as the release of videos that celebrate the success of beginners. These examples showcase how content can be a powerful tool in reinforcing positive relationships and contribute significantly to the success of your martial arts marketing strategy.

Embark on crafting a compelling narrative for your martial arts venture, utilizing the strategic insights provided in this all-encompassing guide. By optimizing your marketing efforts across various channels and adhering to branding guidelines, you’ll propel your martial arts business to new heights.

This approach is especially relevant in the context of martial arts marketing in Canada, where strategic content creation can make a significant impact on audience engagement and business success.

Where do we provide martial arts services in the Canada?

Our martial arts marketing services extend across Canada, leaving a significant impact on iconic cities and dojos throughout the nation. In the dynamic city of Toronto and the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, martial arts schools are thriving with our dedicated support. From gyms in Montreal to those in Calgary and Edmonton, our innovative campaigns are elevating the online presence of martial arts establishments.

Heading west, the tech hub of Toronto and the entertainment capital Vancouver are just a glimpse of our influence in Canada. From the scenic landscapes of Montreal to the diverse cultural hub of Toronto, martial arts schools are enhancing their visibility with our targeted marketing strategies. The impact of our services extends to cities like Edmonton, Ottawa, and Quebec, where dojos are transforming into powerful brands with our comprehensive support.

Our commitment to the Canadian martial arts community spans diverse locales such as Calgary, Winnipeg, and Halifax. From the cultural richness of Montreal to the political hub of Ottawa, martial arts schools are experiencing growth and success with our comprehensive marketing strategies. In every corner of Canada, we stand as a trusted partner, fostering visibility and success for schools dedicated to the art of self-discipline and physical fitness. We can help you produce valuable informative content to gain trust in the community, such as tutorials and insights from prominent figures in the Canadian martial arts scene.

But in the end, we work with martial arts businesses on their marketing presence throughout Canada. No matter where you are in this vast and diverse country, we are here to help, supporting Canadian martial artists, fighters, and gyms in their journey to success.

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