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Muay Thai Shows UK

This is an up to date list for Muay Thai shows in the UK as of January 2024. Consult with each orginisers page directly for up to date information.

Yokkao Show UK

Globally recognised, Yokkao brings its thrilling Muay Thai events to various locations across the UK. Captivating audiences with top-level talent, Yokkao’s matchups provide fans across the country with an opportunity to experience the excitement and intensity of these events.

Muay Thai Grand Prix

Hosting high-profile events featuring both local talents and internationally acclaimed fighters, Muay Thai Grand Prix takes place in various locations throughout the UK. The shows offer Muay Thai enthusiasts a diverse and dynamic platform to witness exceptional bouts.

Triumphant Combat Sports

Establishing its mark on the UK Muay Thai scene, Triumphant Combat Sports organizes events in different venues. These thrilling showcases not only highlight the skills of fighters but also contribute to the growth of Muay Thai as a spectator sport.

Road to One UK

A new promotion that has recently taken to the UK. The purpose of Road to One is to offer UK gyms and fighters the opportunity to enter one championship whilst training out of their home gym back in the UK.

Lion Fight

While based in the United States, Lion Fight occasionally features international fighters, including those from the UK. The promotion’s high production value events attract global attention, contributing to the international exposure of Muay Thai.

KGP (Kickboxing Grand Prix)

Primarily focused on kickboxing, KGP events often incorporate Muay Thai fights, creating a dynamic atmosphere for fans of striking sports. The venues for KGP events vary, offering enthusiasts a chance to witness diverse striking disciplines.

Warriors Cup

Recognized for providing a platform for both amateur and professional fighters, Warriors Cup events take place in different locations. The series aims to foster talent development and offers a diverse lineup of fights, contributing to the vibrancy of the Muay Thai community.

Roar Combat League

Organizing Muay Thai and K-1 events in the UK, Roar Combat League features a mix of experienced fighters and rising talents. The league showcases its events in various locations, catering to the diverse interests of striking sports fans.

Champions Collide

This unique event stands out for bringing together fighters from different disciplines, including Muay Thai. The tournament-style format offers fans a variety of striking styles at different venues, showcasing the versatility of Muay Thai athletes.

Rumble on the Rock

While based in the Channel Islands, Rumble on the Rock attracts fighters from the UK and beyond for Muay Thai and kickboxing competitions. The event series contributes to the regional and international exposure of Muay Thai, promoting the sport across different locations.

UKMF Nationals (UK Muaythai Federation Nationals)

Significantly contributing to the grassroots development of Muay Thai, the UKMF Nationals take place at national-level competitions. These events serve as a crucial stepping stone for emerging talents to gain experience and recognition within the UK Muay Thai community.

Victory show

Victory show features Muay Thai & K1 shows from N to A class. Set up by Craig Jose (owner of Northern Kings Gym), the event takes place in Newcastle at the Vertu motors arena.
The show hosts ffights of multiple levels for fighters from around the UK and occasionally foreign fighters. There have also been world title bouts fought on Victory by names such as Joe Welch.

Max Fight

Max fight is organised by Max Fight accademy based in Newcastle and typically takes place 2 times per year. This show hosts bouts of all levels and occasionally there are title fights. Highly endorsed by Muay Thai Insider. Fighters are treat well and will bring an authentic Muay Thai stadium feel to the show.

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